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Full year of publication of the "Gentleman's Magazine" for the year 1794.

It contains the very scarce article on the first publication of the ( Indian ) Rhinoplasty in Europe.

London: Nichols, 1794. The first report published in Europe on the Hindu Method of Rhinoplasty.

B. L. Article on Hindu rhinoplasty. In: The Gentleman"s Magazine LXIV, pt. 2, no. 4 (October, 1794) 891-92, 1 plate. 8vo.

This untitled article was the first report published in Europe of the Indian forehead-flap method of rhinoplasty. "B. L."s" report in The Gentleman"s Magazine of the curious operation of making a nose from a forehead flap, accompanied by an engraving of the patient Cowasjee with restored nose and showing the stages of the operation, sparked Western interest in plastic operations. This interest culminated in Carpue's successes with the Indian method in 1814-1816 (Garrison-Morton 5737) which were the turning point in the development of modern plastic surgery.

Gnudi & Webster 309-16 & fig. 47 reproducing the famous Cowasjee plate. McDowell 74-88, reproducing plate.

Zeis / Patterson 438, also noting a later article on p. 1093 calling attention to European rhinoplasty and Tagliacozzi.  

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